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Torus PRO - Demo

  • $18,49900 USD
  • Save $7,682

Novakon Demo Torus PRO CNC Mill with Deluxe Stand and Enclosure Containment System.


$18,499.00 (More than 29% off cost of $26,181)

(Customer pick up in Fort Myers, Florida)

Very Low Hours (Shows New)

Monitor and Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Built in computer w/SSD Hard Drive

Servo drives for X, Y & Z Axis

Stepper drive for Fourth Axis

Eight Inch Rotary Table with Tail Stock

Three Jaw Chuck for Rotary Table

Two Circulation Pumps for Cooling and Spray Washdown Hose

Large Coolant Reserve

Power Draw Bar

Smooth Stepper Control Board

Latest BOB with Arduino control

Optional Tooling available at bargain prices


Factory Invoice of Novakon Torus PRO Mill

Novakon Torus PRO CNC Mill



PC /controller



Servos Motors and Controllers in lieu of Steppers



Coolant Enclosure



Power Draw Bar



Rotary Table (8”) and Tail Stock




Three Jaw Chuck for rotary Table




Spindle Braking Resistor




Fourth Axis Controller



Mach 3 Software



Monitor, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse








Main Reasons Why You want a Novakon

Largest work table in its price range

200 to 6000 RPM spindle speed without changing belts.

Power Draw Bar superior to competitors. 

   No Belvedere washers, therefore no tool pull out.

Can change TTS and R8 tooling using PDB.

Separate Wash Down Hose

Heavier machine than competitors

Best price!  You won’t beat this price!


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