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Shipping Quotation

How does the shipping work?

Essentially, the mills are assembled, tested and packaged prior to shipping from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Additional items that may fit inside the crates at the time of shipment are shipped free of charge. Heavy items such as rotary tables, tooling and vices have economical advantages when purchased prior to shipment due to the free freight. 

Certain items that are shipped directly from our vendors in the USA, have additional freight charges calculated into the shipping since they are shipped directly from their location and can not be consolidated with our mills. These items include the power draw bar, the automatic tool changer and the cabinet enclosure. Specific vendor shipping rates will apply at the time of purchase.

How are the orders processed? 

Once we have calculated the shipping cost, there are two ways to proceed with your order. You may request a consolidated formal equipment quotation including shipping.  We will email the quote to you for payment either via direct bank wire transfer or via a draft invoice for payment using the built-in store merchant system.

If you choose to spread your payments among a number of credit cards, we can issue multiple draft invoices in various amounts of your choice for payment.

If you choose to purchase a mill via the store cart checkout, you will be required to checkout without the shipping cost and then pay the shipping draft invoice that we will sent to you via email separately. This is done on an individual order basis, in order to avoid unnecessary shipping charges. 

Small items from the store shopping cart checkout will not be affected by this shipping process since standard rates can be reasonably applied at checkout due to their low weight.

You may enter your information in the e-mail form below and request a shipping quotation for your purchase. A section for your comments is provided for unique requirements you may have pertaining to your shipping request. 

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