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Pulsar MKII

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The PULSAR MKII is the improved version of the professional Pulsar bed mill with a lot more spindle speed. Besides having the highly accurate servo spindle for rigid tapping with 4500 rpm, we have added the optional high speed spindle AC motor giving us up to 9000 rpm spindle speed.  .  With optional upgrades such as the 4th axis rotary table, Power Draw Bar PDB), Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) and the coolant cabinet enclosure; you will have an industrial work horse at a fraction of the price.

  • NEW- Optional one HP motor delivering 9000RPM spindle speed.
  • NEW- Increased table size for better clamping.
  • NEW- Better coolant flow from table.
  • NEW- 50% increased spindle draw bar tension.
  • NEW- Improved LDB engagement adjusting method.
  • 15.75" x 9.5" x 12.5" Travel Dimensions (1,870 in³ WorkCube)
  • Lever Draw Bar Standard: Rapidly change QTC style tooling with a pull of the lever.
  • Rigid Tapping: By utilizing a high power servo spindle motor, very precise tapping can be achieved NOT available by simple motor encoders. With the Novakon system, bottom tapping is a breeze.
  • Optional Stepper or Servo Axes: Add servo motors and up to 500 ipm are available.
  • Large 7 Gallon Coolant Reservoir: Efficient chip collection and coolant collection system makes sure your chips are processed and you don't run out of coolant.
  •  Spray Down Hose: Spray hose used for general clean up. Supplied with coolant from its dedicated pump, clean up is easy and can be done during operation.

 For more detailed technical descriptions with specifications link here: Product Data Sheet


Guarantee: 1 YR Limited Parts and Labor
Extended Guarantee: 1 YR Optional

Recommended Accessories: 

  • 4th Axis Driver - All the parts necessary to expand the Pulsar electronic cabinet with the MA-860 stepper driver. All cables included.
  • Rotary Table with tail stock- 6" - Add the 4th dimension to your mill with a rotary table. Includes the tail stock. Can be mounted on the left or right sides of the column.
  • 3-Jaw Chuck - Clamping three jaw chuck for use with the rotary table. Adapter plate included.
  • Power Draw Bar - Us the Power Draw Bar (PDB) for rapid and reliable tool changes. Uses the popular QTC and R-8 tools for quick changes. Change between QTC and R-8 with the push of a button.
  • Automatic Tool Changer - The Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) has been developed for use with the PDB. The basic carousel is 12 tools, expandable to 20. Uses the QTC style tools.
  • Coolant Cabinet - Totally enclose your stand and mill with the new powder coated containment system. Large doors allow JIB crane access and easy removal from the stand for maintenance and clean up. 
  • BobCAD CAM OEM Express - Add powerful CAM for your 3D projects. Available are the post code processors for rigid tapping, unique only to the Pulsar.
  • BobCAD CAM OEM Standard - Add powerful CAM for your 3D projects. Available are the post code processors for rigid tapping, unique only to the Pulsar.

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