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Torus PRO-

"I bought my first Novakon about four years ago it was the NM-200 and that machine served me well for three years, when the new pro was  released and then Novakon added that upgrade Cabinet and coolant system I decided to try and sell my NM-200 and put the Pro in its place. 

Selling the NM-200 proved to be an easy task and It held most all of its value the depreciation was less then 15% over those three years, Granted I am anal about cleaning and maintenance but still I was amazed at how well that Novakon held its value.

As good as that mill was, the new Novakon Pro and stand are heads and tails above it in fit and finish with upgraded electronics and the coolant system on the pro Novakon took their product from what I consider the leader in the large hobby CNC market to a serious player in the small to medium production arena, all at a price point that cannot be matched.

The optional Power Draw Bar is in my mind a must and a real game changer even for the occasional user.

I understand Novakon is about to release an automatic tool changer and splash enclosure when they hit the market I would expect Novakon will be  a solid competitor in the commercial prototype and light industrial segment.

I almost forgot, as good as the product is the customer care and service is what really sets Novakon apart from the competition.

Thanks Novakon."

Ray M., North Carolina


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