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Build a Cost-Effective CNC Milling Shop for Under 10k with the Pulsar MKII

Posted by John Sandstrom on

With CAD/CAM knowledge and a quality bed mill, home hobbyists can design and manufacture their own parts or prototypes. Whether the user is a jewelry designer or a car maintenance expert, having a quality part built to precise specifications is critical to achieving long-term business success. Novakon is committed to helping makers reduce their production costs, and in this post we will explain how the CNC Mill Pulsar MK II can help you build a cost-effective milling shop for under $10k.


The Pulsar MKII: Great Value for Less

Novakon’s entry-level, Pulsar MKII bedmill, is a turnkey CNC solution for beginners and experienced makers. The Pulsar MKII requires minimal assembly —out-of-the-box. It features a servo spindle motor as a standard, enabling precise control of cutting tools, syncing rotation with vertical movement so that threading holes (rigid tapping) is easier than ever before. The Pulsar MKII also features a lever draw bar which allows users to manually change between cutting tools quickly and securely. For those looking to increase efficiency, the bedmill is fully upgradable to accommodate a power draw bar and automatic tool changer combo (sold separately).

Another leading-class element of the Pulsar MKII is the professional-grade stand, which comes with the bedmill. With its large sloping wings, expansive chip-collecting drawer, deep coolant tank, full width coolant collector, wash down hose with dedicated pump, double filtration system, and adjustable foot pads, the Pulsar MKII stand has everything a maker could ask for and more. And because it is built to be heavy with rigidity in mind, the weight of the stand enables the machine to stay precise throughout every project, from beginning to end.

Additionally, the Pulsar MKII’s 1,870 in3 WorkCube provides makers with significant space in which to complete machining work for small to medium-sized parts and prototypes as large as 15.75” wide, by 9.5” tall, by 12.5” deep.


Why Choose Novakon Products?

One of the leading reasons why more makers are now buying Novakon CNC bedmills (and our other products) is that every machine is rigorously tested and calibrated in the United States before it is shipped to the end-user. This ensures that the investment our customers are making will serve them well, right out of the box. Novakon is able to increase its customer’s purchase value by keeping its overhead low during this process, ensuring that each system performs to the standards required within the U.S. marketplace at a competitive price.


Training Services Provided by Novakon

Beyond our expertise in keeping costs low and providing the highest return on investment, Novakon works with 3rd party professionals to provide training services for makers with varying levels of experience. We offer both online and onsite training programs to ensure you and your work are supported through the initiation process.

To learn more about the full range of options available and to discover how you can buy a CNC milling shop for under $10,000, call us now at 1- 877-258-3336 or contact us at

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