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Improve Production Efficiency with Novakon’s Automatic Tool Changer for CNC Machinery

Posted by John Sandstrom on

If you're making use of CNC machinery in any sort of professional setting, efficiency of production is always going to be among your main concerns.  When custom parts are needed, and clients are waiting for delivery, time truly is money.  The more you can reduce production time when tooling parts, the better your bottom line will be.

This is exactly why we have created our ATC - the automatic tool changer for CNC machinery.  This one add-on to your existing CNC setup can drastically reduce non-productive time by eliminating operator interaction for manual tool changing, leading to lowered costs and higher productivity rates.


Introducing the Novakon Custom Automatic Tool Changer for CNC Machinery

The ATC is an automated 12-station tool tray built into a compact carousel.  Rather than having to stop production and manually change between cutting tools, it can switch between them almost instantly on the fly, based on computer programming.  With twelve possible tools installed at any one time, it has a vast number of applications and can potentially allow your existing CNC machinery to become far more versatile.

The ATC is fully computer-controlled and programmable, with software that is compatible with your existing design system. The operator can also swap tools manually as required. It's compatible with the Pulsar, Torus PRO milling machines that are using MachStdMill and Mach3 controller programs.  With easy programmability through G-code, it's simple to intergrade tool changes automatically in the G-code program. 

Each Novakon ATC System includes:

  • 12-station carousel
  • Mounting hardware
  • Tool transfer arm
  • Integrated control system, including interface card
  • Power supply
  • Software package

Novakon Automatic Tool Changer can greatly enhance your capabilities no matter the size of your shop.

About Novakon:

We understand the needs of hobbyists, schools and small to medium sized businesses and, design, sell and support our CNC machinery for both laser cutters and milling machines. Contact us at 877-258-3336.


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