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Introducing Novakon's Latest Industrial Laser Machinery - The Bodor i3 Metal Cutting Laser

Posted by John Sandstrom on

We at Novakon are dedicated to bringing the best industrial laser machinery to the market. The latest addition to our product lineup is a great example of this:  The Bodor i3 Metal Cutting Laser.  As the smallest of Bodor's i-series cutting lasers, it's powerful enough to be a mainstay in any cutting shop. Today, we wanted to look at this great multi-purpose fiber laser and its great feature set, given its size.

Getting to Know the Bodor i3 Industrial Laser Machinery

The Bodor i3 is designed for ultra-precise cutting within a 600mm x 600mm (23 5/8" x 23 5/8") cutting area.  It utilizes a high-performance fiber laser cutting system, coupled with highly stable linear motor for superior work on job after job.  It utilizes an in block cast cross beam to make the entire device rigid, stable, and without knocking or vibrations.  It's a superb choice for precision work.

  • One of the hallmarks of the Bodor i3 - along with other Bodor products - is its engineering efficiency.  It features built-in cooling, lubrication, and de-dusting systems which all work automatically as it performs a job.  In addition, it incorporates an airtight working space to contain any dust or debris and make it easier to move them away from the cutting surface.  As a result, the i3 requires very little maintenance or oversight while at work, thanks to its high level of durability.  


  • The laser itself runs on a precise linear guide way, with a ball screw as the driving element. It automatically adjusts for height to keep a constant focal length on the materials being cut, increasing its levels of precision. Regardless of the materials being cut, you see stable cutting every time.


  • Communication and programming are simplified as well.  The machine works off standard CAD/CAM files for quick programming, and is network-ready as well.  The entire system can be monitored remotely via network connection.

Overall, the Bodor i3 is a superior piece of machinery for smaller jobs, and could be an excellent addition to a range of shops.

Novakon International Brings the Best in Industrial Laser Machinery

No matter your needs, we have the laser equipment to meet them.  Contact us directly for more information.

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