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How a Power Draw Bar (PDB) For CNC Milling Machines Improves Your TorusPRO System

Posted by John Sandstrom on

Novakon is here to make it as easy as possible to operate your CNC milling machines by offering the best in equipment and add-ons.  Our products and kits can expand your machinery's versatility and profitability by improving performance and reducing the amount of work you have to put in. 

That's exactly what our Power Draw Bar (PDB) for CNC milling machines is designed to accomplish.  It makes it quick and easy to change between tooling systems, and it's also fully compatible with our automatic tool changer if you want even more flexibility.

Let's take a look.

Introducing the Power Draw Bar (PDB) For CNC Milling Machines

The Power Draw Bar (PDB) is an easy-to-install kit that can quickly modify your existing TorusPRO mill for simplified loading and unloading of your QTC style tooling.  It uses a fully motorized torquing system that eliminates the need for spring washers, while always guaranteeing the tools are tightened to the maximum torque every time.

Once the PDB is installed, it could not be simpler to operate - a toggle switch moves between up, off, and down to tighten or loosen the tooling.  Unlike other companies who provide POWER draw bars on the market, Novakon understands that you may want to switch between R8 and QTC tooling. All you need to do is hold the down arrow until the QTC collet is fully ejected. Then add your favorite R8 tool and tighten it back up with up arrow. .

The PDB display also includes a digital real-time monitor, making it much quicker and easier to monitor the spindle speed of your TorusPRO CNC milling machine. Novakon’s Power Draw Bar (PDB) for CNC milling machines has several features you simply won't find on competing products:

  • Incredibly fast operation, with an average of only two seconds to lack or release any quick tool change(QTC)
  • Simple compatibility with both QTC and R-8 tools.
  • Higher tool retention force than other competitor’s products.
  • Both spindle speed and load our displayed on the LCD screen in real-time.
  • Intelligent Arduino-based computer microcontroller allows for extensive diagnostics and error reporting.

If you're looking to expand what your TorusPRO can do, the Power Draw Bar is an absolute must-have.  It lightens your workload, while making proper operational use much simpler.

If you have any questions about our product line, please contact us directly at 877-258-3336.


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