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Introducing the BCL1309X Bodor Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

Posted by John Sandstrom on

Here at Novakon, we strive to carry the very best in CNC cutting equipment suitable for a wide variety of uses, from commercial shop work to home hobbyists.  So, we're pleased to announce the latest item in our lineup:  The BCL1309X Bodor cutting and engraving machine

This is a relatively small cutter and engraver, intended largely for small businesses and hobbyists. However, despite its small size, it includes a lot of power and great usability.  It's a superior all-around device, and one which could find use in many sectors!

Introducing the BCL1309X Bodor Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

The BLC1309X features 1300mm x 900mm working area, utilizing a CO2 laser.  The motorized working table can be adjusted up or down quickly, and the laser's vertical installation also helps allow for speedy work.  Beyond the typical metal work, this cutting and engraving machine can also work with a wide variety of woods and fabric items.  It's like a small-scale workshop in one piece of hardware!

Ease of use is one of the key features that makes the BCL1309X Blaser Bodor cutting and engraving machine special.  The large transparent viewing window makes it simple to keep an eye on the machinery at all times, with internal LED lighting for clear visibility.  It also utilizes an easily-seen red cross hair for precise positioning.  Most operations are simple to program via its touchpad with LED display, but it also features full WiFi compatibility. 

It's also designed for safety.  A series of interlocking protective covers prevent any harm to the user.  A backup power source allows it to continue its work even in the event of a power outage, without damage to the materials being worked on.  

Beyond use in small fab shops, we could see the BCL1309X being used in a variety of applications in public areas.    It could also be a great addition to a school or college's machine shop, Fab Lab or maker spaces for making, learning, exploring and sharing. It would be an excellent first product for those interested in laser cutting systems.

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